Michelle B. Harris

My home is full of books… thousands of them on shelves and unsteady piles in every room.  An eclectic mix of French and English literature, poetry, history, art, philosophy, and even Jackie Collins and Harold Robbins.  My favourite writers are Maupassant, William Shakespeare, Frederick Forsyth, and Sylvia Plath for poetry.

The pivotal point was reading Jane Eyre aged ten years. I was so very stirred by the extent of my emotions that upon completion of the novel, knew instinctively that I would like to devote my creative energy to writing. This insatiable desire will probably continue until I draw my last breath…

Having taught myself to type, I left school at sixteen and started work as a secretary. My first job was at an advertising agency, Ted Bates in London within the international media department then for a year at Chase Manhattan Bank.

Travel was always very important, so between jobs, I would travel to Europe and the United States visiting art galleries, museums and just wandering around the streets admiring the architecture, enjoying the local cuisine and meeting people. Life changed dramatically when I was offered a contract to work for the Peace Corps in the Middle East. This lasted three years and opened up a whole remit of other experiences. Meeting governmental officials, senior military officers from around the world and key decision makers.

Upon my return, I married and had two children, divorced nineteen years later and set up my own creative agency. Currently, I work as a copywriter and journalist (member of the NUJ and IFJ).

If you have an interesting story and would like your biography written, I also offer this service and ghost writing.

I hope you enjoy my books. The links can be found on this website to Amazon where they’re published and distributed.


Our journey through life is influenced by the people we meet, those special individuals who can change our perceptions and ideals. In my case, the key people who inspired me to write.



Gayle’s Secret

Who Can You Trust?

Gayle Fortingham is a beautiful and powerful woman but a drunken one-night stand with a colleague, threatens her marriage, job and security.


Diamonds and Secrets

Love Never Lies

A glitzy and gripping, romantic novel set in the glamorous cities of London, Prague, Munich and Venice.

Short Story

The Red Front Door

The Red Front Door is a chilling, fictional short story of sibling rivalry between two sisters.

Sample Reviews

“Michelle paint’s powerful images of a dystopian future where intimacy is a commodity that isn’t overly reliant upon human interaction. Despite this the book manages to retain hope and a belief in love, affection and the power of human bonds.”

Peter D

“Another great read from Michelle B. Harris! Hard to put this book down. The author tells a riveting story dealing with controversial subjects in an easy to read and chatty manner. Expect a good story, interesting characters, racy scenes and an ending that will make you think!”

Jan H

“Days later I am still gasping at the shock of Gayle’s Secret! It takes a lot to make me tremble, this book did! The weaving of the storyline is a most enjoyable read, high business, all set into the future 2025. Family troubles, affairs of the heart, high living, everything was included in the book with an ending that will shock! How relevant at this particular time – please more books like this to the author Michelle B Harris.”


“A great read from Michelle Harris. Fast moving and gripping, it tackles issues such as the role of AI in society, the possible ramifications of office affairs, and the dark side of manipulation. There is explicit sexual content, but it is not gratuitous. All in all, a jolly good read.”



Gayle’s Secret – Latest Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars now finished the book! well written. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 9 April 2020 Days later I am still gasping at the shock of Gayles Secret! it takes a lot to make me tremble, this book did! The weaving of the storyline, is a most enjoyable...

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Published In Local Magazines

Recently published interview in the Epping Forest series of Fish Life magazines. Circulated in the most prestigious areas of Essex, the magazine is also currently available online.

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Why Write?

Because I need to.  The constant flame of creativity burns incessantly, there is always a story or book to be written. Inspiration can be from a comment, watching a stranger and wondering about their lives, who they are, what they do for a living, their home life and...

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